Feeling Sexy

This piece is for straight adult ladies ONLY

imageTo all the ladies I love
Pretty is what your mama gave u- u either have it or not.
Beauty comes from ur soul- some ppl may see it others may not. Your life so far and your surroundings will either enhance it or dim it- ino be your fault
But SEXY my dear
That one na u define am oo
And whether u like it or not, it’s from there u begin to attract men to u
It’s the beginning of flirting and flirting is a major act of confidence.
Every woman must flirt but let’s not deviate- we’ll talk about that one another time.
Now lets explore sexy because again, na u.
How do u sway your hips and allow your legs to move and your hands gently sway along by your sides when you walk?
How do you let your lips move when you talk.
How do you communicate with your eyes? How and when do you blink and how and when do you smile?
These are important ooo because na these things men and women go see make them talk say you be sexy girl.
But you have to feel sexy first and then all of these will come naturally to you
Here are the 3 steps to feeling sexy
1. Fortunately this step takes care of 70% or more of the process of feeling sexy. Get naked, I mean full nude and look closely into a good full length mirror. Take note of all the parts you hate about your body. Flabby arms, flabby fat and sagging belly that practically falls onto the floor, that nasty pouch, sagging boobs, flat chest, hairy chest, beard, moustache, thighs that rub together with no chance of getting a thigh gap, cellulites all over your body and worse on your thighs, k-legs, back folds, stomach folds, fat flat ass, overly thin body, overly straight body with no curves at all, I mean the list could go on and on but good news is you notice these things and you’re 70% or more gone in feeling sexy.
2. Think of the ‘few’ men in the world that could actually like these things. I say few because they must be really few for us to hate these things that much, but they exist. And they love them more in bed. Some play with the flabby skin, some tickle you through the hair, point is it can make really good foreplay. Imagine this as you think about those men n allow yourself to find that hateful part of your body suddenly attractive. Model naked, turn around, whatever- just begin to see how these men will love these parts.
3. Enhance some parts if you can. A good bra (worn the right way) will make your boobs look fuller and firmer. Wear the bra the way you know how, then holding one side. Eg. the right, push all that side of your boob into the bra, so there’s no boob outside. Your nipple may be off at this point; just gently move the medial side to cover it. Do same for the opposite boob; and gently move the back down as low as it can go. A good bra should maintain this position you have given it. Consider that when next you buy a bra. Another accessory is panties. Wear tongs to tickle your clit every once in a while when you move to keep you feeling sexual the whole day. Wear clean panties. Combine with your bra if you can or match colours with your clothes for the day. This gets you feeling sexy even before you put your clothes on. Get and use butt enhancers/lifters if you can. Butt lifters push your fat sagging ass up making them look more toned in your clothes. Butt lifters make your flat behind look more full. Wear corsets/ waist trainers if you can. Waist trainers make you look more curvy and corsets make your tummy look smaller/a little flat. These accessories are usually not like your everyday panties and bras so only use them when you really need to feel sexy for a day or a moment. But by all means, ladies, please wear good clean bras and panties u don’t mind if someone accidentally sees. Try and avoid any extra underwear like vests, chemises, slacks, stretches, etc. Unless you absolutely need them, please. Also for the sake of avoiding ‘white’ (vaginal Candidiasis), which I must warn could come with excessive wearing of tong panties, change all your panties yearly if you can; otherwise definitely do so every two years. Also keep all used panties and wash them together when you have the time and dry them in the sun; taking them off the lines dry and while the sun is still up, latest by about 5pm in Ghana. Keep them neatly together in a dry panty bag.
4. This is not step 4 don’t worry. Now you’re ready to step out in style in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in, whatever look you like and watch yourself get more forward, more sexual and more confident than you’ve ever imagined you could be. Our next discussion will be on flirting and feeling sexual. Keep your criticisms about these words till then😊. And I hope you pull off this new you in style as you take these 3steps. Till then…

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