Lexa talks but Adwoa is quiet.


Lmho. This phrase just defines who I am. Formally, ladies, meet Adwoa Ansomaa, Dr. Akuamoah, Mrs Akoto Gyamera. My names are many. I attended some school or schools I don’t remember before Almat Montessori Nursery School.
I usually introduce myself first by my education because in truth, that’s pretty much all I find a basic necessity for now.
Well I continued to St. Theresa’s school for 10years, then to Wesley Girls’ High School where I studied General Science. I stayed home for year while the Ghana Education Service arranged our West Africa Senior Certificate Exam results to place as in our respective tertiary institutions. While at home I taught Math in Primary 6 and Junior High School from first to third year in a budding school- it was the fist time their final years were going to write the Basic Education Certificate Exams. There were about 36 students and 3 had 2 in Maths, one had 1.
I went to the University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences and got out after 6 years with my bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree.
Now I sound like a shark (a really smart student) lol, but I’m not.
Oo did I tell you I got out of St. Theresa’s with 10 out of 10 ones? (Virtually like straight As). You’re thinking I’m a shark again. Ok did I also tell you that most of my mates were as surprised as I was? Yhhh I’m not your typical straight As kinna girl, never bn my aim. I just like to be a good average. So I knew I would definitely make about 7 out of 10 ones.
I love Maths. I solved Aki Ola (a then students’ companion in Maths) as a hobby.
Then GeyHey. Gey Hey helped me find my real self in every sense of the word. I found my love for the stage n took part in Miss Agoro (a traditional Ghanaian beauty pageant) n came second to 14 contestants. I found my love for writing and completed a notebook with poems and one short story. I found my weakness of not being able to say no and addressed it. I found my joy in having really few friends and kept them. I came out of Gey Hey with 4 As out of 8.
In medical school I had already found myself so it was easy. I read everyday, went for every drink up in my hostel, went swimming at least once every month, went clubbing a few times, dated a few guys but went out with a good number; I lived! Those 6 years were the best in my life and till date, I have not a single regret.
In Ghana you work as a doctor under supervision for 2 years- it’s called housejob. I did my first year in 37 military hospital where my colleagues just loved to be paired with me for duties. We worked with happiness and made the hospital our home. I’m currently doing my second year in Police Hospital. Yhh tells you my love n need for orderliness and schedules.
I’m now married to my best friend since medical school, with whom I was in St. Theresa’s and who I had a huge crush on back then 😉.
Now meet Alexa or Lexa. I’m Alexa Annie Akuamoah on social media. I’m a lover of cameras and moments and things that mostly don’t matter. Once it’s online and it’s not face to face, I’m the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. I can talk! Your first impression of me would be too known, daddy’s girl, hostile, proud, unfriendly, difficult to approach and all of that; and you would not be wrong. Well not until I allow you to know me and you begin to doubt your sense of discernment lol. I choose my friends, I enjoy choosing them. More importantly I choose who should get to know me. I love to meet people and make acquaintances but it definitely ends there for me until I decide otherwise. Before you complete your process of hating my gut, consider the other side to it all. Im a dreamer in every sense of the word. That means I get disappointed pretty easily. Choosing my friends is my way of defending me against such disappointment and hurt. On social media, including whatsapp, we’re not friends; we’re acquaintances so there’s no chance of getting disappointed. There, you’re with Lexa, ever friendly, ever chatty, ever interesting. In the real world, you meet Adwoa and you find how Adwoa is Lexa when we become friends. 😊

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