Flirting and Feeling Sexual


I read about Cubans a few years ago. The culture shock! See I come from Africa. Here we’re taught the virtues of womanhood which in my tribe is known as being an ‘akataasia’ (cover yourself and hide). That’s the premise of being a lady. A beautiful well mannered ‘akataasia’. I’ve grown to love that word; oo the joy in our hearts when we’re called by that with praise.
But I’d never questioned the use of this word until after reading on the Cuban culture of seduction. After learning about their ‘Rumba’ dance and how they virtually live the dance. How their women find no need for altering their bodies in any way. In Cuba, young girls are taught to dance, sway their hips, move their bodies to attract the opposite sex. They are taught to flirt; and praised for doing it right.
So back to ‘akataasia’. The word comes in two parts- cover yourself and hide.
Why not cover yourself and step out?
I just smiled at the paradox there.
But seriously though, a lady worth her salt, one who knows she is sexy (as discussed earlier in feeling sexy) has no need exposing parts of her body for any man’s attention. Naah! That just dismisses the whole idea of self confidence. So by all means my love, cover your nudity; cover yourself. (‘Kata wo ho’) but do not hide (‘man sie’).
For us Christians, Paul mentions the need to respect the values of people in order to get them closer to the God we serve. The African value is to cover areas of the female body most especially the breasts and thighs. So while you are in their midst, please comply.
Now about the second part of the meaning of ‘akataasia’, step out, feel sexy, feel confident, smile, pay compliments to men and women who deserve it (do this tactfully though) and flirt.
Flirting boosts your confidence and helps you get in touch with your sexuality.
Flirting boosts your moral status too. I know, I said it.
Think about it. How do you get your head up high and your chest out in confidence, how do you keep flirting, when every man around you has seen your nakedness. The point of flirting is to make them thrilled by your presence, make them try to understand the mystery around you, and make you achieve because like we said, flirting builds confidence, your confidence breeds positivity and positivity breeds achievement.
So go on girl, get on with the flirting.

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