Her Mistake


So I realised how a lot of ladies get extremely hurt when they did everything in the book and their men still cheated. It’s almost as if the hurt would have been more containable if they hadn’t gone through all of that ‘stress’
What’s the ‘stress?’ What they tell us to do to ‘keep’ our men
So I worked out every morning and evening; I ate healthy; I moved from size 12 to 10 in a month. I cooked a fresh meal for him everyday. I even got a juicer and made him fresh juice everyday; and I’m not even a housewife. I woke up latest by 4 everyday and left for work at 6.30 am. We don’t even have any kids so I’m expected to look really good right? Every once in a while I sent him sexy pictures of me while we were at work, I gave him a massage at least once every week and it wasn’t even scheduled. If he was my husband id tell you how he had full access to my body and how I was always ready to do new things, how creative I was in bed. I used the best body lotions and soaps, fixed my hair and changed my hairstyle almost every week, fixed my nails, I could go on and on…. And the *** cheated! He cheated!!!! They’d cry.
But i beg oo lemme ask you one question. When you were doing all of these things did you not feel good? Did you not feel like you were accomplishing something? Did it not make you feel proud of yourself? So why do you insist you did them for him?
I know. The premise was to ‘keep’ him but sweetheart if you hated doing these things then that could very well be a reason why he should leave your life. These things are to develop you; make you better- you; not him! Come on.

You want to know what you did wrong? Where you went wrong? I was in doing it all ‘for’ him. It’s not a question of his derserving of these; it’s a question of the joy in your heart in doing these.
Ok look at it this way
Does a cheat stop cheating or bullying you when you offer them things they’d rather take from you? A cheat is a cheat and if you find one for a man U choose to live with that’s your choice. You have no business hating him for the things you did to make U better.
There are some good guys out there. If you’re tired (Nigerian accent) my sister carry your bags and leave his life)! You deserve better.
That’s not to say the good guys will never cheat though. Lol. That’s never a sure banker. It’s a hope we keep alive for all of our sakes. He may, just like he may lie or forget an important date. It’s an honest mistake for such a guy and he feels sorry for it for a very long time. You first decide if you love him enough to stay, then you forgive him and you try and forget.
So girl, go on. Work that body, style that hair, wear that makeup. Just feel good and look good for you,- only you.

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