What they Say VRS What is True- My Top 5.

In no particular order,
Myth 1.
The key to keeping a man is to make his stomach needs your concern. They tell you that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
My views-
I find this insulting to men. I think men should rise up against this. I mean it is so bad that they go ahead to teach u that it doesn’t matter if you serve him crap so far as it gets him full? That’s ludicrously insane and downright insulting!
Come on. What’s the key to your heart? I believe the key to every person’s heart, man or woman, is satisfaction. Getting him satisfied is what, for me, has been twisted to suit myopic minds. Little wonder how some women spend about two-thirds of their lives cooking for their men and yet that man only sees a cook and not a wife. What you do with a cook then, is what their fate becomes and they curse those men, believing them to be ingrates. How unfair is that?
For me, therefore, the way to your man’s heart is finding that one thing (or maybe more) that satisfies him; and serving it to him, good. The way to your man’s heart is good sex, veeeery good sex. It is good food,an appreciative partner, a cheerleader, everything nice and everything needed. Consider Abraham Maslow here. And these, like we were told about the food, should always be ready, never making him hunger for them.

Myth 2
Service and obedience are the two most important ways to explain submission.
My view-
Again, you do not want your man wondering where the smart woman he found went to. Your relationship is not an academy. Neither is it a master- subordinate one where yes-sir-master is the way to go. I believe an honorable man seeks wise counsel and thoughts from his partner. So quit your yes-sir-master attitude before it sinks you both! And guess what? You’d resent him for a good length of time wondering how he even made those decisions as a man. Now, kindly spare him that.
Truth- Submission is acknowledging that your man is the head of the relationship. It is discussing your thoughts, explaining your reasons, getting him to understand your views and yet knowing that the final say rests with him. It is completely dismissing your thoughts and ideas when after discussing them as partners he disagrees with you. It is completely taking on his thoughts and ideas as yours and owning them, thereafter. Submission is letting him treat you like the queen you are because he is king. Submission is indeed, highly advantageous to women; relative to men. Especially those women who know what a good pampering is, and would love to have it for long from their men.

Myth 3
Keep your lady friends out of coverage area. They are evil.
My view
Lol now I’m smiling. I just actually laughed shortly. Evil? How then are they your friends? I’ll share this analogy that’s made me see people differently for a while now. Have you ever considered that the thief who stole your bag, probably didn’t set off to do so? That you probably gave him the idea when you left the bag unattended to? If you think of people more like that, you’ll get to save yourself from the paranoid illusion that everyone is evil.
Now easy. Don’t get me wrong. I do not support the idea that we should be blamed for the misfortunes that come to us. I however believe that you had a certain amount of trust and confidence in those ladies or that lady, to call them friends. How then do they move from that to evil? Come on.
Neither your man or your lady friend is evil. They are human. That means they have feelings that could attract them to each other. Keep your relationship between you two, and your friendship among you all. It’s honestly unfair that you put fuel close to fire with no anti fire shield in between and curse them both for setting ablaze and burning up everything. Honestly, I think it’s unfair. Now that’s brief but I hope it says it all.

Myth 4
If your man leaves you, it’s because you didn’t get something right.
My view
I’m sorry I’m not smiling anymore because that’s complete *bs.
Simple. If he left you, it’s because he doesn’t deserve you. How can he when he can’t love you for who you are. Honey, no matter what your flaws are, no matter how many they are, you’re pricy. You’re a jewel and you deserve to be loved and cared for as such. What you need to do for yourself, whether single or in some form of a relationship, is continually and conscientiously assess yourself, learn about your strengths, weaknesses, flaws, work on the buts and only ifs, for you. Only you. Make you better for you.
What makes you pricy, I’m sorry to burst your bubble at this point; is not what you have or who you are. Well, in truth, if you thought so then you’ve got some work to do with yourself for the sake of your next relationship. What makes you pricy, what makes you a jewel, is your ability to love a man and accept him completely despite his flaws. It is the choice you make to be with him, to grow with him. That’s pricy! And if he left you regardless of that, then that man does not deserve you and you should grieve shortly, and thank heavens for taking him out of your life, so that the better man can walk in.

Myth 5
All men are cheats
My view
Another highly insulting statement to the male race. Some even go to the extent of saying that men are dogs. Imagine being called a dog! Then when they rebel, we call them beasts. My heart is full of pity for the poor man, for the burden he bears because society made it so.
Now you’re probably wondering how naive I can be. How I could think otherwise on this. But how naive can you be? How do you not see that all animals, humans being of the highest order, are polygamous. If you believe you are different how do you not see that some men could also be?- although I strongly wonder how it can be that you are different. It’s in our nature to be polygamous. Society with its cultural values and expectations is what nurtures us to promote that nature or suppress it. Now I’m sure you can appreciate why there have been countless debates on women cheating more than men, with a changing society. A society where women have the same opportunities as men and the same exposure. I hope by now you can appreciate that being open minded, in my case, is not being naive.

Cheers to knowing more than just what they tell us.



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