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LeticiaHello guys. I’m super glad to share this, The Curios Case of Leticia Banyin, fan-fiction I wrote based on the Inspector Bediako series, with you guys. I wrote it out as a prologue, so try not to be too mad at me for all the plenty unanswered questions. Hope you like it! And yes, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! LOL. 

He picked up his spectacles from on top the dresser and placing it firmly on his nose, turned to her – a small woman sat up in a small bed. In the dimly lit room, the sweat on her brow and chest stood out as dazzling crystals on her skin. Her make-up had faded into dark streaks across her face. Her hair was disheveled; her eyes, red from a tiredness she would rather die than ever admit to. She was broken glass. A fragmented reflection of the many lives that had replaced…

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